Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #21

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Written by Owner Operator Team

No Visible Changes on Diesel Prices Across the US

According to the Department of Energy’s weekly report, diesel prices remained unchanged. The average price across the US floats on the point of $3.032 per gallon.

The good news is that’s the lowest price since mid-February. You can read more here.

HOS Changes Still Not Applied

This interesting podcast can tell you about new HOS rules. There are time marks on different segments, so you can listen to what you interested in the most.

New 7.3 Liter Gas Engine to be Added to Big Ford Trucks

Ford plans to add more powerful engines to its medium-duty trucks and super duty pickup truck line.

More about the engine and new features here.

Is Your Fuel Injector Okay?

This post shows warning signs when your fuel injector requires inspection.

You can find common problems and how to prevent fuel injector problems.

Oversupply and Rates Drop After 2018 Issues

What problems modern trucking companies are facing now? How investment in new equipment and supply lead to an oversupply? Read here.

ELD Deadline is Almost Here

As you may know, the final date for ELD mandate compliance is December 18.

Final thoughts and what you should know about the ELD mandate here.