Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #18

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Diesel Prices are Still Dropping

Good news indeed. The prices are falling for the five weeks in a row.

You can view the report of the Energy Information Administration, and learn more about fuel price drop here.

We are Spotting Rates Grow for Van and Reefer Loads

Truckload rates for vans and reefers are at the highest point since January.

Read this post to learn more about rates increasing and average mile cost.

Tips for Passing Roadside Inspection

Roadside Inspection is still on the road, and we want you to pass it successfully.

That’s why we’ve found this post for you. Read it and use the tips there.

Soon It Will be Easier to Get a CDL

FMCSA prepares a new rule that would streamline all testing for CDL.

If you have friends or relatives who consider obtaining a CDL, send them this post.