Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #12

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Van and Reefer Rates Fall

According to data from the last week of March, rates for van and reefer are lower, in comparison to February stats. However, flatbed rates are increased.

If you want to know more about current rates and load-to-truck ratio for van, reefer, and flatbeds, you should read this post.

Which Violations Can Place You Out of Service

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) added an update to their out of service criteria.

Read this post carefully if you want to know about the latest major changes.

Safety Systems Seminar

Read this post which contains details from one of the most popular seminars at Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) in Atlanta.

This seminar focused on safety systems and how they are affecting the trucking industry today.

FMCSA Wants Drivers to Register for Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

A new database will include all truckers who failed or refused an alcohol or drug test. It launches in January 2020. Carriers will be required to upload information about their drivers. Also, freshly hired drivers must be added to this database.

Drivers also must register as users within the Clearinghouse to be able to apply for a driving job. More details in this post.

Registration Fees are Increased in Virginia

Diesel taxes and truck registration fees are increased in Virginia in order to improve the 325-mile I-81 corridor.

Fees are applied to all trucks with gross weight more than 10,000 pounds. Read detailed information in this post.