Owner operator land weekly trucking news digest #107

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Written by Owner Operator Team

ATRI annual ranking of critical issues in the trucking industry 2021

According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) survey conducted among truck drivers and carriers about the main problems in the trucking industry. And their answers don’t match. According to truckers, the biggest concern is driver compensation and truck parking. But carriers are most worried about the driver shortage. You can find the Top 10 Concerns For Truck Drivers and Motor Carriers here.

ATA requests trucking exemption from vax mandate

American Trucking Associations (ATA) leadership contacted the White House that truck drivers be exempt from President Joe Biden’s looming vaccine and COVID testing mandate. This has already been done in Canada. Whether COVID-19 vaccination will be required for its transportation sector and whether this will affect the trucking industry, we will find out later. And you can read about what has already been undertaken by ATA here.

Truck driver shortage 2021

According to ATA’s newest data, the trucking industry is short 80,000 drivers. But over the next decade, this number will rise to 160,000. This is largely due to different demographic problems, inadequate infrastructure, and a lack of available truck parking. Even an increase in pay does not solve this problem. Read more about the current situation here.

Action to bolster rules for left lane use

Blocking the left lane results in reduced road safety and efficiency. That’s why Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Alabama revised their left lane rules. You can learn more about these novations from this post.

How to start a trucking business during COVID-19 pandemic?

The pandemic has created a difficult environment for business and the economy as a whole. But Chicago resident Mohammad Banibaker decided to take it as a chance and opened his own business in the logistics industry. Now he runs Azmi Freight and owns five trucks primarily hauling flatbed freight. In this post, you can read about his experience and why so many people started new businesses during this challenging time.