Owner Operator Land Monthly Trucking News Digest #124

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Written by Mike Skliar

Home Delivery Is Beginning to Surrender to Parcel Lockers in Europe

We are approaching the fuel emission shortage at lightning speed – vendors have lately suggested that parcel lockers are predicted to squeeze out home delivery. It’s believed that the home delivery method, once extremely popular and convenient on the continent, has begun losing its weight due to eco-friendly lifestyle tendencies and principles circulating among European consumers. To study the recently emerged transportation culture in Europe, follow the link

California Roadblocks Truckers’ Operations with Its Imperfect Standards

The California state government is taking ongoing pressure from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as regards regulating the vehicle emission standards. The EPA’s request has to do with eliminating fuel-powered vehicles in favor of electric vehicles. At the end of the day, the biggest pressure is waged on drivers, who are at risk of switching to electric trucks which, based on experts’ research and evidence, are far less effective and good in practice than diesel trucks. To find out more, use the link

Drive to Cure: Truckers Donate $45K to Breast Cancer Treatment Facilities  

The trucking industry is here not only to transport – industry-related organizations and communities are eager and never hesitant to offer help to those suffering from terminal diseases. The organizer of the Large Cars & Guitars truck show, along with the trucker-songwriter gave $45K and counting of proceeds from the show to make their input in the treatment of breast cancer. For more information, click here

Trucker-Turns-Into-Policeman Viral Story Goes Iconic

Not only do they handle the truck skillfully, but it’s also life-threatening ventures they manage brilliantly: the trucking industry has recently been shaken by the outstanding courage of a truck driver who was as eager as to assist the Martin County Sheriff’s Office seize a suspect. For a larger portion of thrill, follow the link

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